Washi Tape

I love the simplicity of Washi (paper) tape. However it is often it’s simplicity that has my head in a spin as to exactly what I should be creating!  Although my part of the world is still a little slow to catch onto this wonderful tool thankfully for the www I am able to have a vast {and growing} collection.  Here are just a few talented examples of some fabulous products and tutorials…


Cake Topper Flags

Tutorial on Washi Tape Keyboard

DIY Bunting Wrap

DIY Washi Tape Candle Votives
Image: Yunhee Kim

Washi Tape Card

Tutorial on Washi Tape Card from roofth

Decorative Bunting

DIY Decorative Bunting from Poppytalk

Kid's Car Track

DIY Kid’s Car Track

Washi Tape Diary Organising

Calendar or Diary Oganising and Management

Washi Tape Favours

Party and Wedding Favour sets from Le Box Boutique

Washi Tape Flowers

Tutorial on Washi Tape Flowers from Cathe Holden


DIY Photo and Artwork Framing from Design Sponge

Washi Tape Invitation

DIY Invitations

Washi Tape Phone Cover

DIY Phone Cover


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