A little about me

The words and the ideas are in my head, I just can’t seem to get them out quick enough!  Funny, you would think that unlikely for a person who doesn’t have enough time to write a blog (see previous post)

I find that I can’t get everything out.  I have a thought {oh yes Lauren, that’s funny – write that!} and my brain can’t keep up with my hands so that’s it.  Yeap, funny thing is that it comes in bursts and now all of those witty, unique ideas have gone.  So to get me back onto the right path I’ll tell you a little about myself.

20080824zeuslilah3smlI just got married a couple of months ago {scratch that, it’s now been a few months – how time flies!} to my partner of eight years.  We live in Perth, Western Australia and built our house two years ago where we now reside with our two children Zeus (five year old Himalayan) and Delilah (five year old part Burmese).  They’re of the feline four legged variety {in case you didn’t get that}Well one of them has four legs but the other {little trooper} only has three.  But that’s a story for another day.

So thats it – that’s my world at it’s most exciting.  It’s not a great deal to most though!  My day job workplace has recently made all staff redundant and what am I thinking about?  I’m already getting excited about the possibility of updating and prettifing my resume {might post about that I think!}  Fact is I enjoy a lack of so called excitement – once I’m locked away in my anti social bubble of creativity there’s just no stopping my imagination!  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to try it either!

My husband often tells me that I go too far or over the top with my projects and interests.  I don’t see a problem with that – it’s planning, preparation and 110% effort all of the time!  So I tend to set myself little tasks.  I tell my friends and family about it and then if I need more input or once I’ve completed my task I like to share it with them.  Depending on who’s input I need I could email/call/SMS/MMS/Fackbook/Pinterest etc etc. This makes me feel very disorganised {something I loathe}.  So now I can put all of this in the one place for them to check with their iphones/androids/ipads/tablets/pc/imacs/macbooks and assorted Samsung devices {that last one is for my husband – we’re very divided about tech devices in our household!} and so on and so forth.  What a world we live in?!!


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