Stop Teenage Drink Driving Poster

Referring this article, create a mood board to represent the theme and message ‘Stop teenage drink driving’. You can use paints and pencils, the computer or a collage of images. Use some of the creative thinking techniques discussed (such as mind maps and brainstorming) with friends and colleagues and experiment to come up with your original concept.

A7 Teenage Drink Driving

Whilst I haven’t included the mood board, above is the end design. I began researching this project by looking at previous works and brainstorming. I noted and sketched as many things as I could, then I left the work and returned again another day. I did this several times. I didn’t want to use scare tactics.
Teens are moody (the “grungy” black) and they are selfish but their friends are the most important thing to them. I went with this angle, perhaps using 2 “catch phrases” (one already well known) was too much. I googled “blood red” and that’s the colour I got. I had troubles with the minor font as it got lost when I converted the file. I tried altering spacing and darkening the colour however I think it might just look better in a completely different style. In summing up I am happy with the result and have learnt a respect for the process. The outcome wasn’t quite as I’d imagined, mostly as a result of only a basic knowledge of the software.

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