DIY Wedding Happy Tears Handkerchief Packaging

DIY Happy Tears Wedding Handkerchief Gift Packaging | So Sweet Collective

These handkerchiefs are a unique gift for your favourite much-loved wedding guests. What could be more beautiful than shedding those happy tears on such thoughtful gifts?

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Colourbration of Emerald

Yes!  I have just used a lame made-up word to entice you into believing that I am witty.  What is colourbration?  It’s a Colour Collaboration!  I guess you could also call it a Colour Celebration, either way they both describe the meaning behind today’s post.  To start with this series of posts there was no doubt that the first one absolutely had to be about Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year.


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Be My DIY Valentine

I had much funness with this one – below are some cool DIY crafty ideas and tutorials for Valentine’s Day. Much love xoxo

Cupids Arrow Tree Stump

Tutorial on Cupid’s Arrow Tree Stump by No Biggie

Love Birds Diorama

Tutorial on Love Birds Diorama by House of Humble

Embroidered Heart

DIY Embroidered Heart by Petit Lyons

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Washi Tape

I love the simplicity of Washi (paper) tape. However it is often it’s simplicity that has my head in a spin as to exactly what I should be creating!  Although my part of the world is still a little slow to catch onto this wonderful tool thankfully for the www I am able to have a vast {and growing} collection.  Here are just a few talented examples of some fabulous products and tutorials…


Cake Topper Flags

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