Inject Some Metallic Into Your Life With Copper

Inject some metallic into your life with copper - homewares, decor, accessories, furniture - So Sweet Collective

Hope you enjoy these copper homewares! Love metallics? Have a bo-peep at my previous rose gold post and gold metallic post.

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Whimsical and Uniquely Hilarious Greeting Cards

What started out as an idea for an awkward dating card for Valentine’s day turned into a collection of quirky greeting cards for Emily McDowell. The collection now includes mugs, tote bags, dish towels, prints, stationery and even temporary tattoos.

Whimsical and Uniquely Hilarious Designs by Emily McDowell - So Sweet Collective

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Sophisticated Little Boy’s Bedrooms

With talk of another addition to our family my first thought goes to “Two new rooms to create!” (Hooray! Ignore the thought of sleepless nights). I’ll need to redo the nursery and create a Big Boy room with a Big Boy bed for Campbell to move into. I’ve bought a couple of quilt covers (below) to alternate but I love the idea of something geometric on the walls. I just need to make sure I can restrain myself or it will look like a complete geometrical mess.

Got these for a steal on sale at Adairs (both reversible)

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Washi Tape

I love the simplicity of Washi (paper) tape. However it is often it’s simplicity that has my head in a spin as to exactly what I should be creating!  Although my part of the world is still a little slow to catch onto this wonderful tool thankfully for the www I am able to have a vast {and growing} collection.  Here are just a few talented examples of some fabulous products and tutorials…


Cake Topper Flags

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