Inject Some Metallic Into Your Life With Copper

Inject some metallic into your life with copper - homewares, decor, accessories, furniture - So Sweet Collective

Hope you enjoy these copper homewares! Love metallics? Have a bo-peep at my previous rose gold post and gold metallic post.

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Sophisticated Little Boy’s Bedrooms

With talk of another addition to our family my first thought goes to “Two new rooms to create!” (Hooray! Ignore the thought of sleepless nights). I’ll need to redo the nursery and create a Big Boy room with a Big Boy bed for Campbell to move into. I’ve bought a couple of quilt covers (below) to alternate but I love the idea of something geometric on the walls. I just need to make sure I can restrain myself or it will look like a complete geometrical mess.

Got these for a steal on sale at Adairs (both reversible)

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Ikat Inspiration

Ikat (pronounced ee-khat) is a dyeing technique similar to tie-dye.  The word Ikat is derived from the Indonesian word mengikat which means ‘to tie’.  There are many different techniques used to achieve the look with much of it being produced in Indonesia.  It is also widely produced across the world in places including South and Central America, Thailand and Japan.  Styles and patterns tend to vary which can often have ethnic or tribal meanings.  Keep a look out for my post on Ikat DIY and crafts!

ikat patterns

 A great collection of some of the many different patterns
Image: Theo Flamenbaum

ikat orange

Image: Lucy & Company

ikat sunny bedroom

Image: Sarah Richardson Design

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Colourbration of Emerald

Yes!  I have just used a lame made-up word to entice you into believing that I am witty.  What is colourbration?  It’s a Colour Collaboration!  I guess you could also call it a Colour Celebration, either way they both describe the meaning behind today’s post.  To start with this series of posts there was no doubt that the first one absolutely had to be about Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year.


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